We offer a variety of services to take care of your every need. Our basic services start with maintenance of your models, sales offices, design centers, interior plants, trailers and production homes.  We also offer specialized services such as pressure washing and carpet cleaning.

Model Maintenance

  • Thoroughly dust all furniture
  • Clean all fireplace hearths, faces, and mantels
  • Check all drawers for trash
  • Dust and clean interior and exterior of all cabinets, closets, drawers, doors, and shelves
  • Spot clean all walls, door frames, glass, and banisters
  •  Clean and polish all counter tops
  •  Clean all doors and exterior thresholds
  •  Clean all switches and receptacles
  • Clean all fingerprints from windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors inside and outside
  • Dust all ledges and window sills
  •  Clean all sand urns
  •  Dust all high areas to include drapery rods
  •  Clean and polish all appliances
  • Sweep porches, and remove any trash or debris
  • Damp clean tubs and showers
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Spot clean carpet as needed
  • Vacuum all window coverings, draperies & furniture as needed
  • Clean markings from vinyl floors and interior hard flooring surfaces
  • Dust all baseboards
  • Dust all air conditioning registers and grilles
  •  Remove all cobwebs
  •  Clean all chandeliers and light fixtures
  •  Replace any burnt out light bulbs (Owner to supply)
  •  Wipe down all patio furniture and exterior lights fixtures on a weekly basis
  • Clean and sanitize public restroom
  •  Supply all paper products including trash liners, paper towels, toilet paper, and liquid hand
  •  Windows cleaned on a monthly basis inside and out (Additional window cleans available at an
    additional cost)
  •  Exterior tracks, frames, and sills washed free of dirt and debris

Production Move-In Cleans

Interior Cleaning:

  • Sweep and clean all interior floors
  •  Vacuum all carpet including closets and stairways
  • Clean and polish all cabinets, drawers, and woodwork
  •  Clean all count tops and grout
  • Clean, polish, and sanitize all sinks, bathtubs, and toilets
  •  Wash and clean all mirrors, glass, and fixtures
  •  Wipe clean all interior window tracts and frames
  • Clean all hanging light fixtures
  • Clean all doors, door jams, and banisters
  • Clean all light switches, vents, and plugs
  •  Clean and polish all appliances
  • Clean and dust all pot shelves, closet shelves, and ledges
  •  Dust all baseboards
  • Sweep garage floor
  •  Remove all light trash

Exterior Cleaning:

  •  Wash all exterior windows, tracks and frames
  •  Clean all exterior light fixtures

Interior Plantscape


  • All plants professionally picked and installed based on decorator specification
  • Weekly visits by trained, fully equipped technicians
  • Watering and fertilization as necessary for the overall health and appearance of your plants
  • Cosmetic care for plants and containers, including dusting, cleaning, trimming, and pruning as necessary
  • Regular inspections for pest and plant disease with appropriate treatment if necessary
  • Monitoring environmental conditions that affect the health of your plants such as light, temperature, and traffic patterns, including rotation of plants to promote balance growth


Sales Office, Design Center, & Trailer Maintenance

  • Empty all trash and provide all trash can liners
  • Detail restroom, sanitize sinks, counters, and toilet
  • Stock each restroom with hand towels, and toilet paper
  • Dust all desks, computers, office fixtures, and hard surfaces
  • Vacuum all carpets and floors
  • Sweep front entry mats, and urns
  •  Wash front door glass in and out

Specialized Services

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Power wash – stucco, balconies, porches, garage floors, and flat work
  • Remove all paint, glue, silicone, stickers, and debris from windows tracks, and frames
  • Remove all paint, glue, debris from floors, bathtubs, counter tops, and any other surface